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Short Bread Sandi Cookie
(Vegan) 5 oz PACK Savory walnuts and rich cocoa nibs help make this 80% almond-powered cookie our Number One Best Seller. The least sweet, and the nuttiest of Zest’s best, the Shortbread Sandie will rock your world and leave your palate begging for more. Nuts! almonds :: coconut oil :: agave :: walnuts :: coconut :: cocoa nibs :: vanilla extract :: baking soda :: salt
Price: $8.99
Lemon Coconut Cookie
(Vegan) 5 oz. PACK So aromatic—and reminiscent of a classic coconut macaroon—the Lemon Coconut cookie from Zest is rich with California lemon and buttery organic coconut oil, which magically infuse our 80% almond-powered base with lemony, coconut love. almonds :: coconut oil :: agave :: coconut :: lemon :: vanilla and lemon extract :: baking soda :: salt
Price: $8.99
ZEST Cocoa Snap Cookie
(VEGAN) 5 oz pack Delicious organic cocoa added to nutritious almond flour with just a blush of ginger makes this my personal favorite.
almonds :: coconut oil :: agave :: cocoa :: cocoa liquor :: vanilla :: ginger :: baking soda :: salt
Price: $8.99
Lemon Almond Cake
Fresh, ripe California lemons add zesty gusto and charm to our Almond Lemon original. Delicious with coffee, tea, or all by itself, this Zest delicacy is 80% almonds and saturated with luscious lemony love. Easily 10-20 servings. almonds :: egg :: agave :: coconut oil :: coconut :: lemon :: vanilla extract :: lemon extract :: baking soda :: salt
Price: $39.99
Chocolate Coconut Cake
Many a pastry gourmet has exclaimed “almond joy” while sampling our Chocolate Coconut Cake. Marvelously moist and texturally surprising, this little miracle from the Zest Bakery is 80% almonds and laced with extra buttery coconut and rich cocoa. Easily 10-20 servings. almonds :: coconut :: egg :: agave :: cocoa powder :: coconut oil :: vanilla extract :: baking soda :: salt
Price: $39.99
ZEST Cake by-the-slice Sampler
Try um both! One of each flavor - 2.5 oz each
Price: $9.98
Vanilla Hazel Nut Cake
9 inches of pure coffee cake delight! Made with California Almond flour and flavored with rich hazelnuts and vanilla beans. Gluten-free, dairy free, soy free.
Price: $39.99