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Zest Brands, LLC - Sylvia L WyantT H E  C O M P A N Y

Cofounder, Executive Baker and President of Zest, Sylvia Wyant is a former Professor of Psychology in the graduate program at Regis University. Sylvia has taught courses covering
The Psychology of Eating, The Psychology of Marketing, and The Psychology of Health.

Also an accomplished fine artist and a culinary chemist at heart, Sylvia has perfected baking with almonds through many years of dedicated research, patient trial and error, and good ole intuition.  Sylvia’s credos and canons include:  Art.  Integrity.  Energy.  Gusto.  Knowledge.  Inclusion.  And, of course:  Zest for life.

Zest Brands, LLC - Kenneth G. Hess
Cofounder and CMO, Ken Hess, comes to Zest having managed his own strategic marketing firm and the successful branding of over 200 companies, products, and services; naming well over 150 of those brands including Stetson Cologne, Alfalfa's Markets, Clarion Hotels, Vim, MintBanc, Sky Chairs, Unisyn, Lucky's Market, E Source, BrainTheatre and ZEST.

His award winning advertising, marketing and design work product has been widely exhibited and featured in New York Art Directors Club Shows, American Institute of Graphic Arts Shows,
Art Directors Club of Denver Shows and Denver Advertising Federation Shows.

He is a past president of the Art Directors Club of Denver and served a six year term on the Board
of Directors of Big Brothers of Metro Denver.  Ken is a former Big Brother, a twice-published author
and a national award winning writer of fiction.

Zest Brands LLC is a 2013 recipient of Whole Foods' Local Producer Loan program!